Ethiopia and russia relationship with us

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ethiopia and russia relationship with us

gave to us at the time of our decisive struggle with imperialism in the last years of the record of pre-Revolutionary Russian-Ethiopian relations: 1. The technical. Ethiopia and Russia through their foreign ministers have agreed to reinforce Enhancing ties in the economic area including trade and investment as well as peace To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. The U.S.-Ethiopia relationship is changing amid a Horn of Africa power coup overthrew the emperor in , Ethiopia pivoted to Russia.

Our relations were certainly not limited to military assistance but also included broad cooperation in industry, agriculture, energy, education and culture. And what is the current situation regarding trade and economic relations between the two countries? I must admit that the potential of our economic relations is far bigger that the current volume of bilateral trade.

However, we have a number of important joint projects already running. Take for instance natural resources. Russian energy giant Gazprom has been undertaking oil exploration works in Afar region since Russia is financing the UNIDO project aimed at the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Ethiopia, as well as creation of production and marketing value chains, which will provide people with fish products.

We hope that these measures will assist solving the problem of food insecurity in Ethiopia. For the majority of Ethiopians, Russia is nevertheless not just an economic partner, but a country with rich culture, developed science and medicine, as well as a place where many could get free top-quality education. Ethiopians also remember the great poet Alexander Pushkin who had Ethiopian roots. How would you comment on the current level of relations in the scientific, educational and cultural spheres?

In this context, I would rather speak about broader humanitarian cooperation, which traditionally is a strong part of our bilateral relations.

ethiopia and russia relationship with us

Take for example the Russian Red Cross hospital named after Dejazmach Balcha, which employs dozens of Russian specialists and treats more than 70, Ethiopians annually. Russia really helps Ethiopia to deal with the acute problem of infant mortality: This year alone, 25 medical specialists from Ethiopia attended two-week courses in pediatric centers in Moscow and St.

Russian universities continue to educate Ethiopian students for free, including targeted training of personnel for the country's developing rail transport: It does not only promote the Russian language and values in Ethiopia through linguistic courses and cultural events, but also serves as a link between cultures of the two countries, uniting under one roof compatriots, graduates of Soviet and Russian universities and simply everyone who is interested in developing bilateral ties.

Speaking about the roles of Ethiopia and Russia on the global arena, how do the countries build political relations on international platforms?

ethiopia and russia relationship with us

The success of Russian-Ethiopian political interaction is based on identical or similar positions on major global issues. Our Ethiopian partners consistently support Russian initiatives in the United Nations on the basis of reciprocity.

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Since Ethiopia is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council inwe are also engaged in a close dialogue within this platform. I would like to note that during recent years we have been able to bring the bilateral political dialogue to a new level. Addis Ababa hosted the Russian delegation warmly. During the talks with Ethiopian partners we thoroughly discussed prospective directions of strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of trade, economy and investments, with a focus on implementing joint projects with Ethiopia in energy, agriculture, transport, geological studies, science and technologies.

The heads of foreign ministries exchanged views on practical steps towards implementing the agreements reached earlier, including the establishment of the Ethiopian Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology based on a research reactor of Russian design.

The Ministers stressed the importance of further cooperation in humanitarian sphere and training of local personnel.

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Under his visionary leadership, the AU continues to strengthen its crucial role in protecting continental security, fostering integration and advocating common African position on the global arena. As one of the founders of the Organization of African Unity and promoters of pan-Africanism, Ethiopia has always been at the forefront of tackling these issues.

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Referring to the role of Russia on the world stage, how would you define the place of your country in the modern system of international relations? Today we are witnessing a desire of certain Western countries to create a unilateral world model according to their own scenarios, disregarding cultural features, traditions, development level of other nations and peoples. In doing so, they often flagrantly violate fundamental principles and norms of international law, show lack of respect for world community.

From the Russian point of view, this approach is unacceptable since it destroys traditional values developed in societies for generations. In countering these dangerous trends, we feel support of many countries including Ethiopia. We all agree that the only possibility of further development is to create and strengthen a genuinely multipolar world based on principles of mutual respect and balance of interests.

At the same time, we believe that the United Nations should play a leading role in international security and stability. Unfortunately, we have recently witnessed frequent attempts of certain countries to act contrary to these principles and common sense, especially towards the Russian Federation.

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They do it baselessly, relying on support and promotion of Russophobic propaganda by obedient Western media. It has become customary to demonize Russia and its leaders, blame us for almost all mortal sins, from interfering in elections to targeted killings; be it in Syria or elsewhere.

However, these calculations proved to be wrong. When we face unfounded and unjust accusations against Russia, when we feel the pressure coming from the outside, we unite around a strong national leader. It needs an extraMW from nuclear energy to meet its total demand of 37, MW by This share is increasing because of an extension to the national grid and a number of stand-alone-systems.

Up until now the country has avoided exploiting and importing fossil fuels as much as possible. Constructing power stations is a high priority and the introduction of nuclear power will go a long way towards hitting targets.

The continent's first waste-to-energy plant is planned for construction this year on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Renewable energy sources have the potential to meet increased electricity demand but in a volatile climate such as Africa, Russia believes there is also room for uninterrupted power through nuclear generation.

Moreover, only a small amount of space is needed to create the same amount as a dam, reservoir or wind farm. Nuclear power reduces the need for non-renewable energy which lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethiopia, Russia to Reinforce Ties

Another advantage is the required amount of fuel, as less offers more. Nuclear offers a significant save on raw materials but also in transport, handling and extraction. The number one service nuclear technology is used for is medicine - especially treating cancer. The portion of it applied in weaponry and war is very small compared.

On top of energy generation and medicine, nuclear power can be used to sterilize lowland flies. Since the 80s, countries such as Chile and Australia have implemented radiation techniques to improve agriculture.

Millions of flies are sterilised per week and then released to mate, but create no offspring.

ethiopia and russia relationship with us

Gradually, the population is reduced and crops flourish. Ethiopia plans to become a middle income nation by and is expected to have a billion USD economy by then as well. In the next twenty to thirty years it may go as far as generating up to 1 trillion USD, so power supply needs to fulfil the increasing demands of a growing economy. Public Outreach Centres will be setup at universities where students can be trained to take over when the main power plant is built.

These multi-purpose communication platforms include a cutting-edge hall offering 3D panoramic projection, computer graphics and stereo sound.

ethiopia and russia relationship with us

Visitors are invited to watch a minute film about nuclear power including a number of interactive quizzes. The centres hand out booklets, educational literature and souvenirs.

Admission is free of charge. Transitioning to nuclear will be a long process but with the Renaissance Dam and so many other energy projects in the pipeline, Ethiopia is set to become an energy rich country in the near future. Furthermore, Russia and Ethiopia advocate for further expansion in all fields including political dialogue, trade, investment cooperation and education.

Some of the major goods exported from Russia to Ethiopia are coffee, kidney beans, white pea beans, roses, oilseed, fruit and vegetables. Major imported commodities from Russia to Ethiopia include monoammonium, diammonium phosphate, durum wheat, fertilizers, motor vehicles, aeroplane parts and steel.