Darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

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darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

I love Darth Vader—ever since I saw him first walk onto the screen in A as getting to explore Leia's relationship with her father could very well. leiaorgana. sith. princessleia. padmeamidala. starwarsfanfiction. leia. rey. padme . theforceawakens. luke. The Force Flying ϟ The Solo Series {1} by -storyline-. SUITED DARTH VADER FINDS LOVE ON NABOO TEN YEARS AFTER PADME'S Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Angst - Darth Vader.

She was lost in thoughts until she heard a man's voice calling her name. She looked up and saw a young male which looked a lot like Luke. Why are you here? That's who I was.

Your brother saved me. Now please, forgive me! You freezed Han Solo! How am I su-" "Leia. I have a lot to explain. She was happy she finally got to see her father and that in the end he cared for her. I only becomed what I am and joined the dark side to get powerfull enough to save the ones I love but I never succeded", he said full of sadness.

I had a dream that she dies by childbirth so I wanted to stop that. Emperor Palpatine told me the story of a sith called Darth Plagueis who was powerfull enough to save the ones he loves. He told me that by joining him I could do that aswell, but he lied!

He only wanted to use me! All these years I've been held hostile in that costume! A few tears started falling on her chin.

I forgive you father. She wasn't surprised to see him again. But I am a bit afraid. I can sense some bad things in his future. I couldn't either", replied Anakin in a sad tone. So please keep in mind that no matter what your child is going to do, he'll eventually find the light. He sadly only showed up one time, explaining her that there is nothing he can do and then he didn't show up anymore.

Leia was desperate but as the years passed, she kept hearing her father's words in her mind and convinced herself that her son will find the light. Leia and Han Solo eventually divorced. Later on when he died, she tried to be as calm as possible. It was like Padme, Naboo, and the Trade Federation all over again. She is too much like Padme. And you said Luke is heading for Alderann. If I don't stop Tarkin from firing on the planet, I risk losing Luke as well, and I will not allow that to happen!

Follow the path of light that your children are shining before you and the way will be clear.

I will check up on you from time to time when it matters most. Master Qui-Gon,' thought Vader, as he slowed his pace considerably to prevent anyone suspecting him of acting unusual, and possibly reporting him to Tarkin. The last thing Vader wanted was for Tarkin to contact the Emperor about his actions.

It was easy to gain access to the main firing laser array system given his status as the Emperor's right hand man. While Tarkin was in charge of this station, the Emperor did not trust the man completely just like he never did Vader himself, and yet trusted Vader with a special counter measure to the firing system in the event the Grand Moff wanted to use the Death Star on a planet the Emperor was currently on.

It was a special command override code that only the Emperor and Vader himself could use, but it didn't register as a command code when processed into the system, and made it appear like there was an internal malfunction. Even if Imperial Technicians did system scans, checks, and even tinkered with some of the actual physical pieces of this insanely complex battle station before putting it together again the command code would prevent the Death Star from firing the laser.

The only way to counter it was if the Emperor put in another command code only he possessed and was deep within the Sith's mind so no one else could use it. Fortunately for Vader, the Emperor was still on Coruscant, and would not be scheduled to arrive for at least another Month. Accessing the system, Vader put in the code, and set it to activate the moment the firing sequence was started.

It would take less then five seconds to kick in, but the Death Star's Super Laser would take a full ten, and the code was expected to stop the sequence on the eighth second. Still, Vader was not one to leave such a plan to chance, and felt the best way to ensure this technological terror didn't succeed in its mission was to cause some form of physical damage so it would keep the Imperial Technicians from suspecting it was something internal that caused the firing sequence to stop. Entering a Turbo Lift elevator, Darth Vader silently made his way to the large room where the various firing array lines channeling power all the way to the Super Laser was located.

Reaching out with the Force, the Sith Lord stretched out his hand toward several minor arrays that alone would only causing a minor annoyance to the firing sequence, but crushing several of them would make the system stop the firing sequence in the event the command code did not.

Turning his palm into a fist, Vader smiled underneath his mask, as he heard the sound of ten minor power arrays being destroyed, and turned to several firing lenses that also needed to be destroyed to further enforce a system shut down when the Super Laser was getting primed for firing. And he did just that. Nodding in satisfaction at his work, the Sith Lord left the area, his presence would not be seen, or detected by the security of this area presented. Both through his use of the Force and his access to the security he helped create for this area of the Death Star no one but the Force itself would know he was here.

And the Force was siding with him today. Death Star-Detention Center Leia looked up to see the cell door open and saw her Father enter with a few Imperial Stormtroopers right behind him.

At first she thought he had betrayed her, but sensed a comforting presence, and deduced it was the Sith Lord himself. Commanding her to rise in his usual harsh tone, Leia complied while playing along as the reluctant prisoner, and just looked at him while the troopers cuffed her wrists before they were all escorted to what would be considered the bridge of the Death Star.

Standing there, in his Grand Moff uniform, looking all prim, and proper in his Imperial outfit was none other then Governor Tarkin himself. I thought you would be the one holding Vader's leash. I should have recognized your foul stench when I was brought on bored," stated Leia while mentally apologizing to her Father for jabbing him in the process. Vader didn't mind since her target was indeed the slime they thought he was in life.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to sign the order to execute you," replied Tarkin with his face and voice sounding extremely oily. Vader relished Tarkin's discomfort, as well as the pride he felt from seeing Leia stand up to the worm, and knew Padme would be proud of her too. The Sith Lord watched Tarkin talk with Leia about the might of the Death Star, how it would allow the Emperor to go unopposed, and cement the Empire's might throughout the Galaxy.

Leia had countered with how the battle station would only rally more planets to the Rebellion and the tighter the hold the Emperor tried to create the more these planets would resist. You can't Alderann is peaceful! We have no weapons Where is the system or planet of the Rebel Base located?! I won't ask again your Highness.

Unlike Lord Vader, I will not be so merciful in giving you a small reprieve to make up your mind, and will ensure that the moment you witness Alderann is destroyed haunts your mind for years to come," said Tarkin, as he felt Vader's eyes on him, but ignored the Sith Lord, and kept his eyes the Princess fighting with her decision on the matter.

They are on Dantooine," answered Leia at last while looking defeated. You see Lord Vader, she can be properly motivated when it counts. You may fire when ready," said Tarkin in triumph at besting the Princess where Vader did not. Dantooine is far too out of the way for a proper demonstration, but don't worry my dear, we will deal with your Rebel friends soon enough," said Tarkin with his arrogant smile growing with every second that went by. Only for the system to wail and whine in protest before the systems shut down with the Super Laser unable to fire the energy at the planet in front of it.

Tarkin was furious, his face red with embarrassment mixed with anger, and commanded his men to find out what was wrong with the firing sequence. I was told everything was fully operational moments ago! It was fully operational the last time we checked. We did a systems check twice to make sure everything was in order," replied one Imperial Technician. Only for Vader to stop it. He will want her brought to him alive and unharmed for the trial that will be held," answered Vader with Tarkin scoffing at him.

We both know her sentence is death regardless if she gets one," remarked Tarkin and felt Vader's grip tighten to the point of his wrist being broken with additional pressure. He would suspect I had a hand in its destruction and see to it that I was punished for my actions in usurping his rule over the Galaxy," replied Vader with Leia nodding in understanding.

Or made it was made to look like that? I could bring such an event to the Emperor upon his explanation of how his prized battle station was destroyed by the Rebels," concluded Vader with Leia nodding. And while the Rebel Alliance is fighting the Death Star outside, you can cause an internal problem that will destroy it from within, and get out before the station explodes.

Even if you can't destroy it from within, you could cripple it, and let the Rebel Alliance move in for the killing blow by attacking the weakness Why didn't you report this to the Emperor? The only regret I will have after our success is the fact the Emperor himself was not here on the Death Star when it is destroyed.

As for the weakness, you must look along the trench area where the Thermal Exhaust Ports are located, and look for the one near the Main Port. The trench is long and narrow with the port itself being ray shielded so only Proton Torpedoes from a single snub fighter could get the job done.

It won't be easy to navigate down the trench, as Turbo Laser Towers are in the trench, and Tie Fighters would eventually be deployed to take down any snub fighters your Rebellion may possess. If your Rebellion were to go for the killing stroke, it must be done swiftly, and be successful by the third run with someone who is a highly skilled pilot. Anything else will result in total failure with pilots dead and the planet they were on destroyed," answered Vader, as he had despised the Emperor's battle station, and wished to see it destroyed simply to prove to the Emperor that the weapon was not the supreme power in the Universe.

The Force had that exclusive right. Not until you've had the necessary training in the Force can we confront him together and end his oppression," replied Vader knowing that it would not be long before the Emperor was made aware of things here with Leia being a threat to his rule and would send various assassins after her. She would need to be prepared for the confrontation and time was barely on their side at the moment.

I won't allow it. As much as it pains me to say this Had Anakin followed the Jedi Code down to the last letter like the Council wanted, he would have never married Padme, and the twins would have never been conceived much less born.

My adopted Father said the Jedi brought peace to the Galaxy when needed to prevent hostile wars," questioned Leia with the two of them entering the Detention Center and her cell soon after. They believed Jedi should not have emotions, attachments to others, or have connections of any kind to their families. That you should not know of love, marriage, or the idea of being a parent while raising your offspring like one should. Force sensitive children were taken from their Mother's soon after birth and neither parent was allowed to have any contact with the child when growing up until they were a full grown adults.

By that point, the child now adult would have no connection to their sires, and would be mere strangers to each other," answered Vader, as he never forgave the Jedi Order, or Obi-wan for that matter on preventing him from seeing his Mother sooner, and saving her from the death she suffered at the hands of the Sand People. Even now that wound to his soul still hurt and festered within him.

I had no idea the Jedi did that," said Leia, as she could not see herself letting go of her children, and being denied contact the entire time they were growing up. Missing their first words. Not knowing their likes or dislikes. When I went before the Jedi Order, I was only nine years old, and even when I stood before them I sensed their dislike of me. I was too old to be trained in their eyes and had an attachment to my Mother who I loved dearly. She was all I had growing up and they looked upon what I felt like it was an abomination.

Personally, I think they only took me in because of the signs showing the Sith had returned, and didn't want to risk such a Sith taking me on as an apprentice at such a young impressionable age," replied Vader while finding the irony of how what they did, only to have it backfire so terribly, and violently in the end.

Almost all of them were damned emotionless fools. It discriminates and casts those that need such emotional support away," added Leia with Vader nodding. And also that there was more to it then the Jedi Code itself. Something much deeper and far more personal. I'll wait here until your return Father," said Leia with Vader smiling underneath his mask at hearing her call him that before leaving.

First things first, the Sith Lord had an angry Grand Moff to keep in check, and prevent from doing anything stupid. Death Star-Meeting Room "She lied to us! I can't believe the Princess stood there and lied to my face after I had just threatened to destroy Alderann if she didn't cooperate! You underestimated the Princess in her resolve Tarkin," remarked Vader with a hint of pride in his voice though Tarkin himself missed it due to his own anger blinding him.

I want to make an example out of that woman and send a message to Bail Organa as well as to all of Alderann itself," commanded Tarkin before a beep on the Comm. Its marking matches that of the one ship that successfully escaped Mos Eisley," came the voice of an Imperial Officer in charge of the Docking Bays.

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She may yet be of some use to us," added Vader knowing that it would keep Tarkin from sighing the order to kill Leia if only for the moment. I want that ship scanned and checked from top to bottom," commanded Tarkin into the Comm. System before turning it off before he saw Vader was already walking off to inspect this matter himself. When the Sith Lord did arrive, he was less then pleased to see this hunk of junk for a ship had entered the Death Star, and saw it had been patched up quite a few times over the years.

A YT Freighter if he was not mistaken and modified beyond all legal means to keep her running in top form. Though it was clear this thing hadn't been in top form in years and the inside was probably just as bad if not worse.

The crew possibly abandoned the ship soon after entering the Alderann System," said an Imperial Officer seeing the Sith Lord entering the docking bay while nearly a hundred Stromtroopers were in front of the ship.

If they were also on board, they might also have jettisoned with the crew. Logs show several of the escape pods were ejected prior to getting within range of the Death Star.

Perhaps its a decoy meant to divert us elsewhere? I want every part of this ship checked. This is a smuggling ship Captain and smuggling ships have hidden compartments," commanded Vader since he had heard a few stories back on Tatooine growing up about how smuggling ships had to have hidden compartments to get their illegal cargo past customs at various Space Ports on different planets. I want a scanning crew here on the double. I want every part of this ship checked! Something I have sensed since He just had to make sure certain people on this battle station were distracted when the time came to get Leia to safety.

Inside the Millennium Falcon Obi-wan was hiding his fear well. Many years of experience fighting in the Clone Wars, as well as surviving battles with Sith Lords, Sith Assassins, droids, Grievous, and Clone Troopers that once served under his command did that to you. But this was different on so many levels and not just because this was a bit personal for him.

Vader had clearly sensed him on this ship. Obi-wan had sensed that his old Jedi apprentice turned Sith Lord had sensed him despite the old Jedi masking his presence.

So why didn't the Sith Lord walk onto the ship, locate his presence, and then finish him when he had the chance? Something else was going on here, but the Force was keeping silent, not telling him what that something was, and that made things worse for Obi-wan on so many levels.

When the Stormtroopers left their patrol of the internal workings of the ship, the old Jedi got out of the smuggling compartment to see Luke hope out with Han Solo, their hired help, and praising the smuggler for having these compartments. Even if I could take off in time, I could never get us away from the tractor beam," replied Han while Obi-wan got out of his own compartment he shared with the large Wookiee.

I knew you would say that," commented Han with Obi-wan smirking. Or the fool who follows him? Their light had burned out in the Galaxy. You my friend are all that remains of their religion," countered Tarkin before he was beeped again on the Comm. I want the Princess captured and her rescuers brought to me for questioning! The Force is with him," stated Vader with certainty while Tarkin let out a curse.

If Obi-wan was here, then so was Luke, and he had just rescued his twin in true reckless fashion. A Skywalker if there ever was one. But to ensure this is his final mission, I must face him With Leia The Princess of Alderann was not happy. Not happy one bit. At first, she was delighted to see her brother after he took off the Stormtrooper helmet to reveal himself to her, and that Obi-wan Kenobi was here.

darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

Even if her Father detested the old Jedi, she might be able to convince the former to tolerate the latter for a little bit to help ensure their escape. But the problem wasn't finding the two, but rather tolerating the smuggler acting brash, arrogant, and full of himself with his hairy Wookiee companion being as loud as the man's blaster. Add to the fact they went into a garbage shoot per her yelling at the two while being fired upon by Stormtroopers, endured a horrible smell from what was thrown into it, and then nearly being squashed didn't exactly make Leia's day.

She almost wished to be back in her cell.

darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

Fortunately, they eventually escaped thanks to the Threepio, and Artoo stopping the trash compactor with just a few seconds to spare. After cleaning themselves off at a nearby refresher conveniently placed near the door to the compactor, the group had been on the run in different directions before they managed to meet up again. Now they just needed to escape on the eyesore Han called a ship. It looked like a piece of junk. But when they got halfway to the hanger, Luke had stopped to see something no one had expected to see, and was shocked to see Obi-wan Kenobi was in a Lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.

The Sith Lord was pressing the attack on the old man, clearly living up to his reputation as a Master of the weapon he used, and had slain countless Jedi with it. But there was more to it then that and Leia could sense the anger now coming from her Father currently directed at Kenobi.

Though why that was she didn't know. With Vader-Sometime Earlier Vader felt his old Jedi Master's Force signature easily enough, as it was no longer being kept suppressed by the man, and that meant Kenobi had done what he set out to do.

No doubt the old man had gone to the main tractor beam system in the area where the ship he had been on, and turned it off to ensure the ship could escape from the Death Star. Not a bad plan for an old Jedi, but the Empire had long since developed a procedure where all captured ships have a tracking beacon placed on them so in the event they are released, the ship is monitored, and tracked to its intended location by the Captain of the ship. A secret victory in the face of defeat.

We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the Master," said Vader, as the red blade of his Lightsaber appeared, and saw Obi-wan had done the same with his blue one.

Strike me down, I shall become more powerful then you could possibly imagine," said Obi-wan cryptically, as they continued their battle throughout the Death Star, and found something was I know the truth about my wife. I know the truth about my daughter being alive! I know Padme gave birth to twins and you separated them at birth! My daughter overheard Bail Organa as a child arguing with his wife about keeping the truth from her.

How she was to never know I was her Father. To never use it in the event I had her within my grasp like I did here on the Death Star," explained Vader in an almost smug and gloating manner. She knew the truth and no doubt kept the fact she knew from her adopted Father. She also overheard him mention her twin. You have no right to him," countered Obi-wan firmly, which made Vader's anger rise to new levels, and barely dodged the strike aimed to cleave him in two.

The wall behind that had been behind him was not so fortunate. He is my son! It is YOU who had no right to take them. To split them apart from one another. To make sure they never knew about their sibling connection! Their very connection to me! To the Force itself! They were their parents. Barely dodging it though his robes were damaged this time. Was he told anything at all? Or was he led to believe his parents left him in your care without any protest on the matter? That they did not love him like two parents should?

I couldn't tell him everything. His Aunt and Uncle were the ones who raised Luke while making sure they kept him in the dark about you," answered Obi-wan while sensing the Sith Lord's anger rising even higher. What exactly did you tell my son?! What lie did you whisper into his ear? What matters is Luke will never join you. He will never be your apprentice," said Obi-wan and he saw Vader's freeze in place as if trying to figure out what the Jedi was implying. Something that would make him hate me no matter what.

Something that he would find to be unforgiveable even if he was told the truth about me being his Father. What did you tell him? Did you tell him I killed Padme? Did you tell him that? I couldn't tell him about her. He didn't need to know," answered Obi-wan before being thrown against a wall by Vader using the Force, and saw the Sith Lord marching toward him with a purpose.

You will tell me what lie you told my son to make him denounce me as his Father or by the Force I will ensure your last remaining years of life are the most painful in recorded history. I think not," stated Obi-wan, as the two resumed their Lightsaber battle with Vader pressing the advantage, and the Sith Lord saw the Jedi Master's strength giving out from the relentless assault.

The two soon battled their way back to the docking bay area where the currently captured freighter, the Millennium Falcon was docked, and its pilot plus company were preparing to board. Only for the group to stop when seeing the duel between the two warriors and Obi-wan looked away from Vader to see Luke staring him before turning to look back at Vader with a small smile on his lips like a silent victory was about to be ensured. Just as Vader moved to swing, Obi-wan saluted in a final act rather then guard the blow, and was prepared to become one with the Force.

Vader at the last moment changed the arch of his swing so instead of killing Obi-wan, it knocked the blade out of the Jedi's hands, and used the Force to throw the old man into the group of Stormtroopers before he skidded at Luke's feet.

Calling his old Master's Lightsaber to his hand, Vader turned to see Luke, his son staring at him, and then at Obi-wan before one of the most horrifying things could have happened to the Sith Lord at the moment. His own son fired a blaster at him.

Luke was firing at him with anger and hatred deep in his eyes for a crime Vader himself did not know he committed against the boy. It was actually fortunate for the Dark Lord of the Sith that Luke's shots were off from his anger or else one of them would have killed Vader since the shock had kept his defenses down the entire time.

Stop them from getting in here so we can take off! Like he was in his own little Galaxy. It took a moment for Vader to come to his senses, as he heard the blasting, and the yelling that echoed around him.

Turning his head to look past Luke to see Leia, his daughter was clearly in pain emotionally of being separated from her Father, and yet wanted to protect her brother from Imperial cruelty. Using the Force, Vader crushed the control panel for the heavy door moments before the blaster shot from his son hit the panel, and cut them off from each other. If Vader had been a weaker man, he would have screamed out in rage at what happened, and crushed something in his path.

darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

But he was not a weaker man. He had fought in wars, survived countless battles, battles some most didn't walk away from, had his body broken, and repaired crudely by droids. Now Vader had learned that he had children. One that wanted to believe in him the way Padme believed in him. His own son hated him! Padme's son hated him!

For something he didn't know he had done. What did Obi-wan tell him? What lie could his old Master told his son that would make the boy want to attack with such anger? Too stunned by what had happened, Vader's body went on autopilot, and found himself in his quarters. He didn't care if Tarkin barged in at any moment, the man would die by his hands if he did, and Vader would not care if the Emperor found out. It was easy to convince his Master that Tarkin was not trust worthy and could no doubt create evidence of the Grand Moff planning to usurp the Emperor's rule.

But unlike then, you did the right thing in sparing Obi-wan, as the opposite act would have made your son hate you further, and done almost irreversible damage to his mind," replied Qui-Gon with Vader not so sure.

My son hates me! What could Obi-wan have said to Luke that would make him look at me with such hatred? First, it was letting Owen Lars hide Shimi's grave. The third time was most recently and one I find the most disturbing considering its more of a Sith tactic. He told your son that Anakin Skywalker was dead and that the killer of the man that was Luke's Father was Darth Vader.

darth vader and leia relationship fanfiction

You," answered Qui-Gon with Vader looking at him in shock that could be sensed through the Force. He didn't want to believe it. When did he tell him this I honestly don't know. As to when it was told to Luke The only way to fully counter this lie is with the undisputed truth, which means you must face your son, and convince him that what Obi-wan told your son was a lie," replied Qui-Gon with Vader's fists tightening in rage.

Now that I have spared Obi-wan, he will continue to train Luke, and the boy will see to it that I am dead," whispered Vader with Qui-Gon shaking his head. Leia can reach him," said Qui-Gon with Vader walking a few steps away from him. Even if it means I can't save my son from doing something he will forever regret doing," said Vader with Qui-Gon now smiling at him.

Preferably without Obi-wan being near and without his potential interference. The man may have been my student, but he did not believe in all I taught him, and was too loyal to the Jedi Council along with the way they did things," replied Qui-Gon with Vader nodding. I know after all that has happened I I deserve nothing of this. Nothing of your mercy or your forgiveness for all I have done. But make no mistake, I will right the wrongs I have committed, and bring peace to the Galaxy.

I promise you now on my love for my family, I will move planets, and stars to make things right," said Vader with Qui-Gon letting out a chuckle.