Current relationship of north and south sudan

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current relationship of north and south sudan

Sudan-South Sudan relations: Tentative steps from war to peace the north of the country; were put on hold when South Sudan's civil war broke out failed assassination attempt on South Sudan's current first vice-president. By James Okuk Since the time of separation of South Sudan from the Sudan in , the bilateral relations between the two countries have not () and disengagement with the SPLM/A-North popped up to become very. Concise information about South Sudan and its people, including Oil accounts for almost all of government revenues, but relationship with Sudan Large numbers of South Sudanese fled the fighting, either to the north or to.

The single artery connecting the two—the West Salvation Road—has never been finished. Early inarmed groups launched a rebellion in Darfur claiming the region had suffered decades of political marginalization and economic neglect from successive national governments. The government responded with force, and the fighting quickly escalated. That option did not work. In the six years that followed, Darfuris saw nearly 3, of their villages destroyed or damaged.

current relationship of north and south sudan

In the first 10 years of the conflict, the UN estimated thatpeople lost their lives. Each year new violence surges, sometimes forcing hundreds of thousands of Darfuris to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere—often in places where they lack access to food, water, and basic sanitation facilities.

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Sincethe government and rebel forces have also clashed in the states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan—a conflict that has displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes. And refugees have flooded into Sudan, as well, in the wake of recent violence in South Sudan. What Oxfam is doing in Sudan A family displaced by the surge of violence in Darfur that began in February collects clean drinking water at an Oxfam tap stand in Kalma camp. Our humanitarian work has also focused on people affected by conflict in the border state of South Kordofan, and now we are assisting refugees from South Sudan.

The stories that they were telling me about how they fled their homes with only the clothes on their back were very painful.

current relationship of north and south sudan

But today, violence and extreme hunger have replaced the high hopes its citizens once had. For more than four years, fighting—coupled with a collapsing economy—has ravaged the country with devastating consequences: With swift action, humanitarian aid helped halt famine by the middle ofbut the situation continues to rapidly deteriorate across the country.

We need an end to the fighting so that we can get food to those who urgently need it and provide them with support to rebuild their shattered lives.

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Still, most people make their living as subsistence farmers and herders. Because of the conflict, nearly four million people have been forced ro flee their homes with two million in neighboring countires, making this the largest refugee crisis in Africa.

current relationship of north and south sudan

And with inflation skyrocketing—up to percent a year—many families are struggling to buy even the basics, such as food. That is how the world today works.

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Should we pay a little incentive and be able to attain some sort of peace so that our entire suffering population and the displaced millions be in a position to once again pick up their lives and prepare their children for the future?

Or should we go on fighting, losing more resources and fellow humans in war, insecurity throughout the Country including the capital Juba? And several others also die because of hunger and of the poor health systems which are all results of bad governance coupled with economic crises created by the same war? Indeed our people shed blood for several decades to get the CPA we had, and our independence which we attained inafter sustained support to both processes by Igad Countries and the international community.

But it was not just referendum and the results thereof that let to our prompt recognition as a sovereign nation by several countries and the world shortly after. Yes, many countries supported us and were sympathetic to our suffering and years of struggle. But in some cases, there were a lot more about that.

But that cost should be reasonable, affordable and should never be a source of threat to the future of our children and the next generations. It is our collective duty to ensure our leaders do not go out of that line In conclusion, let me say, in fact, not just normalizing relations with Sudan is necessary, South Sudan needs to come up with clear foreign policy that represents the interests of its people and one that shall be able to promote beyond our borders the ideals of freedom, democracy, economic empowerment, mutual cooperation and respect, and all which, several decades ago, prompted our struggle against oppression and indignity.

South Sudan should be able to contribute to the benefit of its citizens and the unity and growth of our friends in the region, the African continent and the World.

current relationship of north and south sudan

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current relationship of north and south sudan

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