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'The ' Showrunner Talks Bellamy's Shocking Choice, Pike's all the levels of that relationship with enjoyably weary bemusement. .. Kane said the people knew what they were doing when the elected him counselor. Clarke Griffin is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth On their hike, Wells tries to discuss their relationship but Clarke refuses. People who want to see Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) real Bellarke relationship, even the most hardcore Bellarke shipper.

Not so with what transpires with Bellamy and Pike. My issues are with the conception of the character as laid out by showrunner and executive producer Jason Rothenberg.

The omission of an understandable set of motivations for a key character meant the moment was not just a dramatic misfire, but quite worrying. Is it just a well-directed show about survival?

I suppose that would be all right, but in this era of peak TV, there are a number of shows that explore somewhat similar themes. This show is different because the most memorable adventures, actions, battles and scenes are driven, on some level, by character-based decisions that have highly resonant moral and emotional implications. And yet I wept for her in that moment, because I knew what doing that cost her.

The show has spent two seasons showing viewers that there are different varieties of Grounders, good and bad, and there are alliances and conflicts and all kinds of interactions with Grounders. The backstory that he experienced, and that the Farm Station arrivals experienced, made what the [ark survivors] experienced with the Grounders look like Disneyland.

They had a much harder three or four months on the ground than even the had in season one. That informed their world view, I think, in a way that justifies somebody like Pike being anti-Grounder and not seeing the differences between the clans and not recognizing [complicated relationships among clans].

Ice Nation is aggressively violent and war has cut his population of people down from to 60 in three months. To me, that made sense. What she went through — those things are not abstractions to me.

I understand what Pike went through but, on some level, just being told all this in exposition — it turns all of that into a thought experiment. It has no real impact on me. Suddenly intelligent people lost their minds.

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Suddenly every Muslim was the enemy. But that was something that I found fascinating and an interesting subject matter for science fiction to get into, in a way that you can in science fiction without being too preachy. But this was what we were going for. People who love this country as much as anybody were suddenly being turned terrorists in the minds of [some] people. I love Michael Beach.

I totally accept that criticism. We saw some anti-Grounder sentiment, but only in bits and pieces. The four Season 3 episodes the network sent to the media — I watched every episode twice before we talked, just so I could really understand all the moving pieces.

But for me, that timeline of Pike and Bellamy was just very, very fast. We could have done a whole election episode. I wanted it to happen off-camera. Clarke and the new girl, Niylah.

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We also can't simply ignore the fact that Clarke had a very hot one night stand with someone. What if the writers will bring her back into the picture?

‘The 100’ Showrunner Talks Bellamy’s Shocking Choice, Pike’s New Role

Clarke and her people. As much as Clarke deserves a happy life full of love, she has to dabble very carefully when it comes to her future. As we saw in the last episode, a lot of sky people don't treat the grounders with respect, like Clarke does. If she were to engage in a romantic relationship with a grounder, it would sure cause some type of outrage with her people.

The same goes for Lexa and her people. What's to say that the Ice Nation won't turn Lexa's people against her because of her romantic interest? There's a lot at stake - obviously. A potential war means no distractions. And as much as I hate to be the one to portray love as a weakness, Clarke and Lexa would have a big disadvantage in war, as they already have to worry about their people.

If something happens to the one of them, it's an easy way to bring the other to her knees. My final advice as Clexa's couples counsellor for the day: With you two, everything you do reflects on your people and can potentially endanger them.

For now, Clarke has to find a way to come to terms with what Lexa did. She has to forgive her and to accept the circumstances under which Lexa did what she did.

I can't say if they will ever be able to go back to the way things were, because right now, Clarke will do everything in her power to hurt Lexa. I think we all heard those death threats at the end of Wanheda part 2. And Lexa has to cool down. Kidnapping someone you had a relationship-isch thing with is not cool.

Even if it was in order to save her. What would you advise Clexa? Can they make it, or has the past destroyed the little chance at a relationship they had? Are the risks to high? Does love conquer all, even danger? That sums up my feelings and concerns about Clexa. I hope I was able to give you an overview of their relationship and inspire you to think about your own advice you would give the pair.

Thanks for reading the second session of Couples Counseling! Side note I just can't help myself: I just have to ask all of you - What do guys think about Clarke and Roan? I am actually starting to ship them, believe it or not.

It looks like we are going to be hit with a few other bombshells. A plan he shares with Clarke. He wants to kill her. Could he mean Lexa?