Chiz escudero and heart evangelista relationship

Heart Evangelista Speaks On Her Relationship With Chiz Escudero's Kids

chiz escudero and heart evangelista relationship

Heart Evangelista says she has no relationship with Chiz Escudero's ex-wife Christine Flores. Heart Evangelista recalls playing hard to get when Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista weathered every storm in their relationship. MANILA, Philippines – Actress Heart Evangelista sheds her sweet image as with year-old re-electionist senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. Add to that her parents' disapproval of her relationship with Escudero, who they.

And then I remember nag-take pa ako ng eksena nun so sabi ko, 'Sige patagalin ko ng kaunti! The fact that it was raining hard in the beautiful island the entire day before their wedding until the wee hours of February 15 was quite symbolic of how Senator Francis "Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista weathered every storm in their relationship.

As fate would have it, it was sunshine all throughout the day and moonbeam all throughout the night of their wedding.

Chiz stood his ground, maintaining that it was never a big issue between him and Heart even at the height of the controversy back in Heart admitted that she almost buckled down and had considered ending their relationship to save Chiz from the wrath of her parents. Looking back at how their love story began, Chiz never thought that someone like Heart can love someone like him. Kasi parang ang kapal naman ng face ko. But it felt comfortable.

Heart Evangelista Chiz Escudero & Kids FAMILY NEW YEAR Celebration In Balesin

Fast forward to MayChiz and Heart finally had the chance to get to know each other through the match-making antics of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Senator Miriam convinced the Kapuso actress to try meeting eligible bachelors outside show business, and number one on her so-called list was Senator Chiz.

You were waiting for your car. Is parenthood part of your immediate plans? How many children would you like? We can have two [sets of] twins. It has to be on my terms. One plus 2 [sets of] twins… Heart: I will only give birth twice.

Where will you be setting up house? Binabahay ako ni Heart! How do you envision your life together?

Heart Evangelista’s parents break down: ‘Escudero is an opportunist’ | Inquirer Entertainment

The chunk of it will still be his responsibility. Get married, eventually have a baby, taking on the responsibilities gradually. Gradually as in two years or three years?

So anywhere between three and 10 years? Our responsibilities will both be distinct and shared. She said that as she grows, they will be shared more. What are your dreams as a couple? Our answers to that will probably be different.

Whenever his schedule permits, we will have our time together, we will travel.

chiz escudero and heart evangelista relationship

I want to be able to enjoy that with him. My dream is to live a quiet and private life, either traveling or staying here—a life outside show biz and politics and government.

You see her face light up whenever she experiences something new. He is so simple. I used to be an outsider in the world of politics and I often see politicians who walk around with bodyguards. Chiz is very low-key—I like that in him.

chiz escudero and heart evangelista relationship

I had a crush on him the first time I saw him in his shorts and slippers. He likes to badger me about things.

Heart reveals almost breaking up with Chiz because of her parents' objections

Like he knows the situation is really difficult for you, the more he will badger you. What is the singular most trying obstacle you have had to hurdle? It was made more difficult by the fact that it happened during the elections.

I got so stressed by that issue. Aside from your parents, were there other guests who have sent their regrets? A lot of singers begged off because they have concerts.

chiz escudero and heart evangelista relationship

How do you resolve differences? He likes to talk things to death. He goes into these long explanations. OK, I get it already. I want him to let me think about an issue first and just discuss it tomorrow.

But he needs to have it out today! Have you ever had to compromise on anything? Chiz looking at Heart: Of course, because I have to give in to her stubbornness laughs. He always tells me to save my money and be practical. Everything about this wedding is him.

He just lets me be beautiful. I never hear anything from him about the wedding. The sweetest thing she did for me? The first time we kissed she made the first move.

It was because I felt embarrassed for him because he said… Chiz: You were seated in front of me and then you transferred to my side and kissed me. It was because he was shy. I felt embarrassed for him. Why are you explaining? Before that he told me… Chiz: