Bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

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bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

Jess and Leslie grow and mature because of their friendship and they also friendship Jess and Leslie are strengthen by their relationship and they section for Bridge to Terabithia is a great resource to ask questions, find. Annasophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson in Bridge to Terabithia Yet somehow the lesson is not that Jess and Leslie should never have swung. Katherine Paterson's novel Bridge to Terabithia follows the relationship of fifth graders These should describe Jess and Leslie and focus specifically on each character's See Session 5 for appropriate adaptations to the card's questions.

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Also, Leslie is different from the other children, and since Jess is himself regarded as "different," he doesn't want to be associated with her. During the first week of school, Jess begins to change his mind about getting to know Leslie. Why do you think he changes his mind? Jess sees how Leslie is different from the other girls in his class, how she doesn't fit in easily, and how other students pick on her.

He begins to feel a connection with her, because he has also had trouble being accepted by classmates. He feels sympathy when he witnesses Wanda Kay picking on Leslie pp. A couple of months later, Jess comes to feel that "Leslie was more than his friend. She was his other, more exciting self — his way to Terabithia and all the worlds beyond" p.

In your own words, what does this mean? Leslie has offered Jess a new way to see the world. She is brave and imaginative, and her life experience has been much broader than Jess's. Through knowing Leslie, Jess has come in contact both with the world of imagination and with the larger world outside the rural Virginia community where they live.

Why do you think kids often make fun of others who are different? Do the students at your school have the same tendency as the students in Jess and Leslie's school? Students will probably recognize that they and their classmates do have to some extent the same unkind tendencies as the students in Jess's school have. They will give different reasons for the problem of judging or mocking others, which may include ignorance, pride, misunderstanding, or even jealousy.

Imagine that Leslie was a student in your class. How do you think you would respond to her? Would you want to be her friend? Do you think she would be accepted by your classmates? Students' answers to this question will vary.

Many students will suggest that Leslie would fare better in their own school than she did at Lark Creek Elementary, where the students seem especially small-minded. Students will recognize that Leslie has many qualities of a good friend: She is loyal, thoughtful, and generous. How is Jess's father different from Leslie's father?

Create a pair of columns to compare their personalities, lifestyles, and relationships with their children. Aarons works long hours for little pay, loses his job, discourages his son from artistic endeavors, does not spend much time with his family because he has to work so much, does not show emotion, and does not communicate well with his son.

Burke works as a writer and works when he wants to, is wealthy, provides his daughter with many opportunities and choices, is always available for his daughter since he works at home, treats his daughter as an equal, and spends a lot of time talking with his daughter. Leslie says to Jess, "We need a place. It might be a whole secret country, and you and I would be the leaders of it" p. In your own words, what does Terabithia represent to Jess and Lisa?

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

Why is it so important to them? Terabithia is a place where Leslie and Jess can escape from the difficulties of the lives and use their imaginations. After the mass, Leslie inquires what happens if you don't believe in God. May Belle jumps in and claims that He will damn you to hell. They looked at her in shock and Jess tells her to not go around damning people to hell. On being invited on a trip to an art museum with Miss Edmunds, Jess accepts the offer without notifying Leslie or his parents beforehand he tells his mother while she is half asleep.

He enjoys it, but upon returning home is horrified to learn that while he was away, Leslie attempted to visit Terabithia on her own and drowned in the creek when the rope broke. A shocked Jess, incapable of absorbing or accepting the impact or horror of her sudden death, denies his grief and even her existence.

It is implied that May Belle is terrified that Leslie may be sentenced to eternal damnation due to her doubts regarding religion revealed at Easter.

Jess' father reassures him that God could not possibly be so unfair.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

After he miserably accepts the inevitability of Leslie's death, he is saddened even further by the grief exhibited by her mourning parents, who have decided to return to their previous home in Pennsylvania. Jess decides to pay tribute to Leslie by crafting a funeral wreath, bending a pine bough into a circle. Leaving it in their special pine grove in Terabithia, he discovers a terrified May Belle halfway across the creek—having attempted to follow him over the fallen tree he used to get to Terabithia after the rope broke—and assists her back.

The Burkes grant him some lumber from aborted renovations they are leaving behind, which he uses to build a more permanent, though rudimentary, bridge. He chooses to fill the void left by Leslie's death by making May Belle the new queen of Terabithia, permitting her to share his sanctuary from then onward Terabithia had been kept as Jess' and Leslie's secret before. Then, tells her to keep her "mind wide open" and all of the inhabitants of Terabithia welcome their new queen.

List of Bridge to Terabithia characters Jess Aarons Leslie Burke — An intelligent, talented, imaginative, outgoing girl, it is she who creates the imaginary kingdom of Terabithia.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

Her talents include gymnastics, creative writing, swimming and running. Jess thinks highly of her, and they are loyal friends. She is a newcomer to his school, and not socially accepted by the other students. She dies when she falls into a creek and sustains a head injury that keeps her unconscious until she drowns.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

Joyce Ann Aarons — Jess' bratty baby sister. May Belle thinks she is "nothing but a baby". May Belle Aarons — One of Jess' younger sisters.

She is described as the only one of his siblings with whom he feels comfortable. However, because she is six years to his 10, she does not fit the mold of the ideal confidante to him, leaving him still desperate for companionship. She clearly worships him from the beginning, and like him, feels that she does not have a place in the family.

She is the first of his sisters to learn about Terabithia, and becomes the queen after Leslie's death. Ellie and Brenda Aarons — Jess' two older sisters. Using the friendly letter template, Jess should write to Leslie and tell her how losing her friendship has affected him.

Invite volunteers to read their letters in class. Then have a boy read aloud the third verse, asking the class to imagine they are listening to Jess speaking to Leslie. Who else in the book besides Jess and Leslie might the song lyrics fit? Could the song lyrics apply to you and a friend of yours? For each of the four predictions, ask for a show of hands from students who think they made a correct prediction in the beginning. Check individual What Is Friendship?

Worksheets for completeness and effort.

bridge to terabithia jess and leslie relationship questions

Observe student pairs as they discuss their Character Trading Card examples. Make sure students are able to identify the similarities and differences among their information sets and that they are listening to each other as they discuss the differences.

Step in and help refocus partner discussions as necessary. To assess students' responses on the trading cards, you could develop a checklist similar to the following: Did I answer all the questions on the trading card?