Bosco and faith relationship quotes

The Life Story of St. Dominic Savio (Biography of St. Dominic Savio) | Salesian Family of Don Bosco

bosco and faith relationship quotes

What we know of him comes from a biography written by St. John Bosco and the .. speaker on some aspect of faith development, an opportunity for confession, to help the young people to examine their life and their relationship with God. . Prayers & Chants · Professions & Ordinations · Don Bosco Quotes (in Italiano. Don Bosco Quotes - The young must know that they are loved - Saint John . simple talks coming from the heart and embodying the solid truths of the faith. Duty and privilege Catholic Saints, Catholic Marriage, Catholic Quotes, . Pope Francis “Light Up” Mobile Wallpaper Catholic Wallpaper, Light Of Christ, Faith.

On Sundays, after a strenuous day with his Oratory, he often had to be carried home; more than once he fell asleep fully dressed, kneeling at his bedside. For many years he slept only five hours a night, skipping a night each week. After a day of physical work, he would spend the quiet hours of the night penning letters to friends for aid, sending letters of comfort to those who begged for his prayers, and writing books on mathematics, literature, the Bible, and Church history for boys.

He began a pamphlet series, the "Catholic Readings," and for some time wrote a pamphlet a month on Catholic faith and morals. Always at the call of the Church, he was a tireless confessor; he was a popular preacher and never refused an invitation to preach a mission or a retreat.

Even when age began creeping up on him, he worked. More than once the people of Turin saw a boy leading him by the hand through the streets, dozing while he stumbled along. As an older man, he lost sight in one eye, and the other was impaired. His legs were swollen to painful proportions. His back was curved by weakness, yet his mind was crystal clear. He never laid down the burden. Besides his youth activities, he interested himself in matters of Church and State, acting even as a mediator for the Pope.

He spurred boys on to Catholic action; he favored and worked for retreat movements, mission crusades, the catechetical movement, and foreign missions. Three times he was called. In fact, the energy of his work came from this carefully tended fire of prayer in his soul. And God rewarded him in a wonderful way. Toward the end of his life, his prayers wrought miracles. His blessing carried astonishing powers.

Sometimes he was seen rising in ecstasy during the Mass. But, with characteristic humility, he labored to feed his ministry with prayer; so much so that Pope Pius XI said of him that he prayed every moment of his life. Man of Poverty Audio Narration - Part 13 When Don Bosco planned to build a basilica in Mary's honor in Turin, he drew up the plans and called an architect to start the excavations.

I have lived poor and shall die poor. The faith that God would provide worked miracles in his life. Don Bosco's Holiness Audio Narration - Part 14 Such generosity of spirit could not go unrewarded by God, for whom this priest slaved the 72 years of his life. Besides providing for his work, God gave him the gift of miracles.

With his blessing, Don Bosco cured people disease. After his prayers on their behalf, the deaf heard, the lame walked, and once, a dead boy was raised to life. He had the gift of prophecy.

He could read consciences, and used this gift to assist penitents in confession. He could foretell one's vocation, as well as one's future. Don Bosco often told his young people that being a saint was easy.

His holiness was attractive because it was rooted in charity and exceptional purity that drew people to him. Though he sometimes did extraordinary penances, he would never allow them to his boys. He told his Salesians and the young people that God wants us to be happy and to rejoice in the love of Jesus.

Just do your duty in school, at home, at work the best you can.

bosco and faith relationship quotes

Offer you life to God: Dominic Savio, one of his students who died at the age of 14, is Don Bosco's proof to the world that holiness is not a monopoly of the monastery or of the desert. It belongs everyone, the young and the old. The last years were difficult for him. He was old and tired but he kept up with all the activities of his Salesians, inspiring them to greater achievements for youth.

But when he took to his bed in December ofhe said, "Now I go to my rest; I shall not get up again. With the names of Jesus and Mary on his lips, Don Bosco's soul passed to his God and his Lady as the morning Angelus bell was summoning the faithful to prayer.

When a superior speaks to you, he does so in the name of Our Lord and you should obey him as you would Our Lord. You must therefore give his words great importance and take them as truly coming from God. Here is the secret: The majority of priests never administer this sacrament and others scarcely hear confessions during the Pascal time and then no more.

The Lord says that he who listens to his confessor listens to God Himself. When he pushes them to commit sins, he removes all shame, as if there were nothing wrong with it, but when they are going to confession, he returns that shame magnified and tries to convince them that the priest will be shocked by their sins and will no longer think well of them.

Thus the devil tries to drive souls to the brink of eternal damnation. Oh, how many lads does Satan steal from God — sometimes forever — by this trick. Being good does not mean never committing faults. Indeed no, because all of us are liable to do just that. Being good consists in having the sincere good will to correct ourselves. When we confess a fault — even a grave one — seeing our good will, the confessor will not be shocked. My dear children, let nothing undermine your confidence in him, not even shame for your sins.

We all know [that] we are weak. Courage then, my children! With one word you can escape hell and win Heaven. It takes so little. The confessor will help you. It may be a suggestion or a single word, but what he tells you in confession always carefully fits your spiritual needs. My dear sons, St Philip Neri made many saints by such advice.

If we carry it out, we too may have the good fortune of becoming not only good, but even holy. Dominic Savio Saint Dominic Savio is a wonderful hero for young people today. John Bosco and his Salesians, basically a life lived simply by doing the everyday duties of life in an extra ordinary way. It is a youth spirituality that can be lived by people of all ages.

The Life Story of St. John Bosco (Biography of Don Bosco) | Salesian Family of Don Bosco

Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it. He was the second of eleven children born to Charles and Brigid Savio, who were poor, hard-working, pious people. Charles was a blacksmith.

Dominic was a remarkable boy. What we know of him comes from a biography written by St. John Bosco and the testimony of family and friends. He attended the Oratory of St. Francis De Sales a school, youth center and hospice founded by Don Bosco.

bosco and faith relationship quotes

School Days Dominic was very bright and enjoyed school as well as play. He was well liked and respected by his friends. Dominic had remarkable control over his emotions, and while he could get angry like any of his companions, he was able to control himself in most situations. He was friendly and showed early his leadership qualities and a strong sense of duty.

He was a prayerful person and had an ever-maturing spirituality. The Savios attended church in the town of Murialdo and the pastor, Father John Lucca, knew them well. He saw Dominic in Church often. Once he learned to serve Mass he was there every day. While children of the time customarily received their first Communion in their early teens, Fr. Growing Faith As the day of his first Communion drew near, Dominic wrote down four resolutions, remarkably mature thoughts of a seven year old: I will go to Confession and Communion as often as my confessor will allow.

I will sanctify Sundays and holy days in a special way. Jesus and Mary will be my friends. Death, but not sin. As we shall see Dominic lived by these resolutions. Imagine a boy of ten trudging a total of twelve miles to and from school every day for a whole school year. That's what Dominic Savio did, because the school he attended was three miles away from home, and he had to go and come twice a day.

On one very hot day an elderly man met him and asked, "Aren't you afraid to walk so far alone on this country road? The long walk every day took its toll. The next year his parents decided to move from Murialdo to another village called Mondonio to be closer to school. Once a classmate committed a serious offense. This boy had a reputation for misbehavior. The culprit falsely accused Dominic of the offence. The teacher scolded the class, and threatened Dominic was expulsion, but because Dominic had never misbehaved before, he gave Dominic severe scolding before the whole class.

Dominic made no reply but stood in silence head bowed. A few days later the boy who was actually guilty was discovered. Regretting his previous harsh words, the teacher asked Dominic why he had not defended himself. His answer came slowly but simply: I remembered how Our Lord had been unjustly accused, and I hoped that if I kept silence he would be given another chance. It shows the depth and simplicity of this young soul. Meeting A Guide For several years Don Bosco would take some of the young people of the Oratory on an outing during the customary October break.

This noisy procession of students would walk from the Oratory in Turin some 18 miles to Becchi where Don Bosco grew up and where his brother, Joseph, still worked the family farm.

Don Bosco would arrange for food and lodging with the pastors of the parishes on the way. In return the young people would put on an entertainment for the people of the towns they visited. Early on the morning of the first Monday of October' inDominic and his father went looking for Don Bosco, who was going to be in the town of Murialdo on the outing.

Dominic greeted Don Bosco with a bright smile, "Good morning, Father. I come from Mondonio. This is my father, Mr. Father Cagliero, my teacher, told me that I should talk to you. Did he tell you about me? Without hesitation Dominic asked, "Father, will you take me to Turin with you to the Oratory to study? You can be the tailor, and I'll be the cloth. Make me into a beautiful garment for Our Lord.

Do you think that you will be all right?

Life at the Oratory is not the same as at home? Now let's see how quick you are at learning. Take this book and see if you can learn this page by heart. Come back tomorrow when you have it memorized. Go now and join the other boys in that game. I want to talk to your father. Savio assured Don Bosco that his son was a very good boy and a bright student. To Don Bosco's surprise, Dominic returned a few minutes later.

Smiling, he said, "I can recite it now if you want me to, Father! Dominic was motivated to accomplish the task as soon as he could so that he could join the other youngsters who were playing near by.

bosco and faith relationship quotes

With a little doubt in his voice Don Bosco asked, "That is very impressive, Dominic, but do you know the meaning of what you have just recited? From now on you are one of the Oratory boys. Francis De Sales in early October He was twelve-and-a-half years old. Dominic paid Don Bosco a visit in his office a few days after his arrival. Dominic noticed a sign in a frame hanging over the door. Do you understand Latin? Francis De Sales, our patron.

10 Sayings from the Great Master of Youth – St. John Bosco

I have taken it as my motto. Don Bosco Explained, "I am very concerned that I work hard to help people and myself save our souls by following Jesus, nothing else really matters. Don Bosco and his Salesians took great care to prepare the young people of the Oratory for that special day. The whole community gathered in the Chapel. In a special prayer service the Salesians and the young people offered themselves to Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus. Dominic remembered his first Communion resolutions and renewed them.

Death but not sin… he remembered. He exclaimed, "Every one is called to be a saint, and do you know, it is easy to be a saint. He began to think most seriously about what it meant to be a saint. He became quiet and looked worried. Don Bosco stopped him one day and asked him if something was bothering him, "Dominic, do you feel all right? I have been thinking about your sermon last Sunday. From now on, I am going to be very serious about becoming a saint. Perform all your duties exactly, and above all be cheerful.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver. In his eagerness to become holy, Dominic began to do what he understood to be penance. He had heard about saints of the Middle Ages who would go on severe fasts and punish themselves with painful physical penances.

Dominic actually put pieces of wood or small stones in his bed so that he could "suffer for Christ. Keep in mind that the Lord, Jesus is always with you and wants your happiness.

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In a short booklet entitled, The Preventive System, he described his approach to youth ministry as based on reason, religion and loving-kindness. A Young Apostle Don Bosco developed youth to youth ministry a hundred years before the term came to be used in education.

Don Bosco began his ministry with very little help and no expertise except his own experience as a child and his keen insights into the nature of young people.

He had to train a taskforce of people who would become experts in caring for these at-risk children. He gathered a hand full of generous adults willing to follow his lead and a large number of youth whom he could train to minister to their peers. Dominic became one of these young apostles.

He was already very pious, but now he became a person of prayer. Dominic realized that part of becoming a saint was sharing his knowledge and awareness of God with his companions. Dominic was well liked by his classmates at the Oratory.