Bethenny frankel and mother relationship

Bethenny Frankel's mom calls daughter a moron and liar |

bethenny frankel and mother relationship

Bethenny Frankel keeps her relationship private with her daughter, Bryn Hoppy. So fans probably wonder what she is like as a mother. WATCH: Bethenny Frankel Jokes That She's Skinny as a Skeleton the strained relationship Frankel had with her estranged father (who split from her mother Bernadette after Bethenny's birth) leading up to his death in Bethenny's father, well-known horse trainer Bobby Frankel, walked out on Bethenny and her mother, Bernadette Frankel, when the Real.

Interested in hearing all the juicy details? Their battle has been going on for years Bethenny Frankel has been involved in a very messy and public divorce. And for Frankel, the process has been anything but quick and painless. To really understand just how bad the past few years have been, though, we need to take a look back at where their short-lived love story began. InFrankel, a then-aspiring entrepreneur, married Hoppy, a pharmaceutical sales exec.

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Two months later, the newlyweds welcomed their daughter, Bryn. But soon after that, things started going south — fast.

bethenny frankel and mother relationship

The couple separated in before filing for divorce in Sadly, their legal battle would last far longer than their marriage. In fact, the two are still in and out of court today.

What’s Bethenny Frankel Like as a Mother to Bryn Hoppy?

Their relationship is nothing short of tumultuous Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy became unhappy with each other. The couple eventually reached an agreement regarding their daughter. The couple eventually agreed to co-parent They are doing their best in raising their daughter.

Hoppy was so awful, Frankel said, that she was forced to move out of their Tribeca apartment — the apartment she bought with her own money — and live out of hotels. Miraculously, though, a settlement was reached, and the two agreed to co-parent. A joyous day, indeed The divorce was finalized in They eventually divorced in But was their bitter battle over for good? While some good did come of it — Hoppy moved out of the Tribeca apartment and, according to E! According to Page SixHoppy showed up at their daughter Bryn's school, where he allegedly threatened to "destroy" his ex-wife.

He said, 'I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you've been warned,'" a spokesperson for the NYPD said. Page Six added that Hoppy, who denied the charges, was arrested a few hours later and "charged with aggravated harassment in the first degree, harassment in the second degree and stalking in the fourth degree. According to the report, Frankel wrote that Bethenny is "ugly, old and irrelevant and Shields should run for the hills, like all her boyfriends before" and told Shields, who was CC-ed on the e-mails, to "run for the hills, like all her boyfriends before.

Thus began a long, painful, and emotional battle over everything from Frankel's multi-million dollar fortune to the custody of their daughter, Bryn.

Bethenny Frankel's Estranged Mother Says Daughter Is Headed For Divorce (VIDEO)

After a brutal six-day trial, the couple finally reached a settlement in their custody battle in June Details of the settlement were kept confidential; however, Page Six later reported the parents agreed to shared custody.

Sadly, their actual divorce remained in legal limbo, and featured more head-scratching twists and turns than one can even imagine. Among the craziest was a May court ruling that ordered Frankel to pay for Hoppy's divorce fees, all because she makes 50 times Hoppy's salary.

bethenny frankel and mother relationship

Throughout it all, the notoriously candid reality TV star has spoken openly about the toll the divorce has taken on her, at one point telling Bravo's Andy Cohen, "I will never, ever be legally married again. In Julyafter nearly four years of legal drama, Frankel and Hoppy finally settled their divorce. Raw Talent claims they hooked up Frankel with many people after they first met inincluding the man with whom Frankel built and later sold Skinnygirl in The messy lawsuit was ultimately settled about a year later; according to reports, details of the settlement were not released to the public.

Whole Foods dropped her Skinnygirl products Getty Images From a publicity standpoint, was a rough year for Frankel's Skinnygirl brand.

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According to the NY Post, the decision was made after it was discovered that the Skinnygirl Margarita, which claimed to use all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, did, in fact, contain the preservative sodium benzoate, which can become a carcinogenic.

After Whole Foods dropped Skinnygirl Margarita, the makers of the product were hit with a number of class-action lawsuits from consumers who claimed they had been tricked into buying an all-natural product.

bethenny frankel and mother relationship

Inone particular case hit a roadblock when a New Jersey judge basically said their case wasn't strong enough. The following year, a separate federal lawsuit was dropped by the plaintiff. The status of the remaining lawsuits remain in question.