Aries and taurus relationship 2014 nfl

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aries and taurus relationship 2014 nfl

Jul 29, Virgo (the Virgin) August 22 – September Tarot Forecast Astrological Signs – Libra Jan, Feb, March Astrological NFL's winningest QB is Sign Taurus is ruled by the varying positions of each relationship. Sep 14, Dating aries man cancer woman - How to get a good man. It is not easy for aries woman dating cancer man · can cheerleaders dating nfl players · matchmaking apps in india Try to seduce taurus woman and relationship with the yelp. Tell you may 27, best matches for online dating cancer. Feb 19, In this month's advice column, the Astro Poets tackles relationships from Photo by Emma Summerton, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine, September I'm a Scorpio with an Aries moon and Pisces rising. .. Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady may be the golden couple of the NFL, but back.

Uranus, planet of the lightning strike, rules this air sign, giving Aquarians a determined, persistent nature with a broad-minded, progressive and somewhat unconventional attitude to life. Original and inventive, Aquarians like to sweep away the past and shake the rest of us awake. As an Aquarian you need a job that allows you to think outside the box, you are someone who prefers to lead the crowd, not to follow it, excel in technical fields, community projects, invention and innovation and can on a bad day be militant, rebellious and quirky just for the sake of it.

The year ahead You have extraordinary vision and an idealistic zeal that draws you to do good in the community. But is the year to broaden your scope, especially around spring when you have itchy feet and yearn to travel or learn a new skill.

August is an enriching month for friendship and romance, as a period of hard slog comes to an end. October triggers hanges that could lead to a new job before the year is over. By late December, you could be steering a group, chairing a committee or becoming a leading light at the heart of your local community.

Plan an adventure for then set your sights on that plum job — and really go for it in Meanwhile, there are big changes afoot in your home life from to In love Aquarians tend to view love with a detached and dispassionate eye. For you, a meeting of minds can be more stimulating than physical involvement. Many Aquarians form unconventional partnerships: You need a partner who is offbeat and independent and who does not cling like a vine, makes an ideal companion for a true native of this sign.

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But whatever you choose to do in life, serendipity will be your guiding light and show you the right path. At home Your decor is probably retro, vintage or postmodern — and certainly different. Glass, chrome, hi-tech equipment and space-age gadgets often attract Aquarian home-makers. Turquoise or electric blue are favourite colours. Star style Aquarians can never be fashion victims: Turquoise and electric blue are your wardrobe colours of choice.

Its symbol of two fish, joined together but swimming in opposite directions, is an apt one because your birthday finds you looking back at the past year while preparing for the next. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a water sign. Sensitive and dreamy, those born in this group tend to be highly imaginative and artistic. You may be drawn to nursing and welfare work, you are sensitive, caring, intuitive, romantic and impressionable, excel in empathy and understanding, and can on a bad day be emotionally demanding and clingy.

The good news is that your creative talents will provide a money-making opportunity from August — make sure you take it. A few of the most famous celebrities born under the sign are In years to come Still looking for someone special in your life?

Your finances should improve in and that dream holiday just might become a reality in In love Pisceans yearn for fairytale romance. In return, you promise a lifetime of love and devotion.

Your home is informal but comfortable and welcoming, with bright, fresh colours and decorative seaside touches. Star style You love to wear the softest, silkiest fabrics.

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Your favourite styles are loose and free-flowing, reflecting your dreamy and artistic nature. Sea green and eau de nil are your true colours. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is associated with leadership, initiative and fresh starts. Ruled by Mars, god of war, Aries is symbolised by the ram. Like Leo and Sagittarius, this sign belongs to the fire element — hot, passionate, enthusiastic and eager. Those born into this group are the movers and shakers of the world.

As an Aries you need a job that challenges you mentally and physically, you are competitive and self-motivated, excel in positions of leadership where you can mastermind new projects and delegate the mundane tasks to others and can on a bad day be pushy, impatient and downright aggressive. Compromise is not your forte. Your workload increases inrelationships sweeten in and your horizons expand in After that, you either lose a fortune or find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You love to lead from the front, but being pushy between March and May will create conflict, especially in close relationships. In July, you get into the party groove and let your hair down. A partner who keeps you on your toes is what you need most. You have a talent for home improvement — and since you love the outdoors, a garden, a barbecue and a shed full of kit is essential.

If you had your way, life would be one long adrenaline rush — just try to remember that not everyone shares your adventurous spirit.

aries and taurus relationship 2014 nfl

Whatever the occasion or the season, strong colours suit you best, and you always feel good in red or black. An earth sign, like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus represents fertility and tender growth, as the land is greening and the sap is rising. Ruled by gentle Venus with her sense of promise, Taurus is nevertheless symbolised by the bull: Taureans are the builders of this world — but they can be obstinateand resistant to change.

As a Taurean you need a job with security, you are hard-working, dependable and the backbone of the workforce, excel in the arts, creative occupations and financial positions where your prudence and honesty come to the fore, can on a bad day be slow, tenacious, dogmatic and downright stubborn.

In years to come The seeds you sow now will blossom inand romance beckons in Venus is also co-ruler of the 6th house of work.

So this came out suddenly, unexpectedly, rocking their world.

aries and taurus relationship 2014 nfl

Transit Uranus is in the 12th house, suddenly taking those skeletons out of the closet. The upcoming Mercury retrograde will occur entirely in the 6th house of the chart, signaling a big change of what they're thinking now. The beginning of the retrograde October 4th makes easy aspects, semisextile the Moon and Mercury, but the end of the retrograde October 25th is conjunct Venus.

So perhaps they think things will be okay at the beginning of the month, but it gets crazy by the end. The lunar eclipse is also important here. I've talked about the tie with this eclipse, Uranus being conjunct now stimulating it, and the end of the Mercury retrograde next month being opposite it adding in some wackiness, and that if you have anything between degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it's getting hit by all this action.

Well, Venus in this chart is at that crisis point, sitting at 15 degrees Libra.

Taurus: What does love have in store this year?

It's being opposed by Uranus now, will be conjunct the end of the Mercury retrograde next month, and is opposed by the lunar eclipse next month. With Venus ruling the 1st house of the self, that's why it's rocking the NFL so hard. And the lunar eclipse will occur where?

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They can't hide this. And the full moon on September 8th in Pisces - it helped stimulate Ray Rice reaping what he sowed, but it also hit the NFL natal chart by squaring Saturn. Saturn rules the 10th house in the chart, which rules public image.

So of course that's taken a hit. This is interesting because Roger Goodell has a mutable grand square falling right on it, with Pluto in Virgo opposite Mercury and potentially Sun in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini. SOLAR RETURN One of the first reasons why I thought this date made sense was because that would mean a solar return would be coming in a few days, and all of this action right now feels like something around a return to me.

Here is the solar return chart: And with Capricorn on the 1st house of the self, concern about public image; with Cancer on the 7th house of relationships, regarding people's family relationships. That's even more focused with the Moon in Cancer in the 7th house, and the location of the Moon can show the emotional focus of the return.

I also think the Moon in this chart is conjunct Goodell's natal Moon depends on his time of birth. The Sun is conjunct the 9th house cusp, and the AC is conjunct the natal 9th house cusp, showing legal problems. The ruler of the chart, Saturn, is conjunct the 11th house cusp, which could be showing the public backlash. It could indicate that they have a smaller audience over the next year though that seems doubtful. Jupiter is on the 8th house cusp, which can show they still make money through it all.

It can also show that the violence 8th house is far from being an isolated incident, with Jupiter being the planet of expansion the league-wide problem. With Vertex, a point of destiny, also on the 8th house cusp, this has a fated quality to it. Mercury is on the MC, so messaging is important. Jan 31, — Feb 18, Sign Taurus is ruled by the varying positions of each relationship. Career becomes more important siennes cette situation with patience.

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aries and taurus relationship 2014 nfl

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