Andy and april relationship goals images

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andy and april relationship goals images

See more ideas about Parks and recreation, Andy and april and Parks Funny Pictures Of The Day - 52 Pics .. Andy and April are my relationship goals. JAM ーーーーーーー RTsA3D CONCERT DIO Andy and April are real relationship goals from Twitter tagged as Funny Meme. See more ideas about Funny stuff, Hilarious pictures and Fanny pics. Adorable. Relationship Goals, Serious Relationship, Relationships, Andy And April.

The season ends with Tom's shocked discovery that Ron is now dating his ex-wife, Wendy.

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Parks and Recreation season 3 With the Pawnee Government reopened, Leslie decides to bring back the defunct Pawnee harvest festival, the success or failure of which will determine the financial future of the department. After weeks of planning, the festival becomes a tremendous success through Leslie's efforts.

Later, Chris returns to become Pawnee's acting city manager, [28] and Ben also takes a job in Pawnee. Only a few weeks later, they marry in a surprise ceremony. Leslie is approached about possibly running for elected office, a lifelong dream of hers, but when asked about potential scandals in her life she neglects to mention her relationship with Ben. Tom quits his city hall job to form an entertainment company with his friend, Jean-Ralphio Ben Schwartz. The season ends with a horrified Ron learning that his first ex-wife, also named Tammy "Tammy One"has come to see him.

Parks and Recreation season 4 With Ben's encouragement, Leslie decides to run for City Council, and ends their relationship. Leslie hires Andy as her assistant. Patricia Clarkson appears as Ron's first ex-wife, "Tammy One", who uses her power as an IRS employee to trick Ron into thinking he's being audited and temporarily takes complete control over his life.

Tom and Jean-Ralphio's company, Entertainmentquickly blows through massive amounts of promotional funding while performing little actual work; the company goes out of business and Tom returns to his old job. Chris starts dating Millicent Gergich, the drop-dead gorgeous daughter of Garry Gergich. After struggling to move on both personally and professionally, Ben and Leslie get back together, and Ben sacrifices his job to save Leslie from losing hers.

The scandal leads her political advisors to abandon Leslie's campaign, and the Parks Department volunteers to become her new campaign staff.

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Ben agrees to be Leslie's campaign manager. Leslie's ex-boyfriend Dave Louis C. Leslie's campaign faces myriad setbacks against her main opponent, Bobby Newport Paul Ruddand his famous campaign manager Jennifer Barkley Kathryn Hahn. Ann and Tom begin an extremely rocky romantic relationship. April takes on more responsibility in the department, shouldering much of Leslie's usual work.

Towards the end of the season, Millicent breaks up with Chris when she no longer has feelings for him. In the season finale, Jennifer offers Ben a job in Washington, which he reluctantly accepts, and after the race is initially called for Newport, Leslie wins the position in a recount.

Parks and Recreation season 5 Ben flourishes in his new job on a congressional campaign in Washington DC, as does April whom he brought along as an intern. Leslie and Andy visit Ben and April, and Leslie begins to feel self-conscious about her small town job. Leslie begins working as a City Councillor, but finds opposition in her fellow councilmen, particularly Councilman Jeremy Jamm Jon Glaseran immature orthodontist who becomes her arch-enemy.

Andy begins training to become a cop with help from Chris.

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Tom tries to find a new business idea. Ron meets Diane Lucy Lawlessa woman who needs help fixing a pothole, and begins dating her despite being intimidated by her two young daughters.

Jennifer offers Ben a job on another campaign in Florida, much to Leslie's displeasure, but Ben turns it down and returns to Pawnee, surprising Leslie by proposing to her. She happily says yes. Ben's divorced parents come to their engagement party and argue the whole time. April proposes turning Lot 48 into a dog park, which bothers Leslie, but they compromise.

andy and april relationship goals images

Tom starts a business renting high end clothing to teenagers. Ben wants to bring in an architect from neighboring Eagleton an ultra-affluent town involved in a longstanding rivalry with Pawnee to help with the park, now called the Pawnee Commons, which is hard for Leslie to accept.

Ann decides she's ready to be a single mom and begins searching for sperm donors. Leslie and Ben plan a fundraising event for the Pawnee Commons, and decide to have an impromptu wedding that night. When Jamm ruins the ceremony, Ron knocks him out with a single punch, and the wedding recommences in City Hall. Andy finds out he failed the cop test. Ann, seeing Chris console Andy in a fatherly way, decides she would like to have her baby with him.

Leslie continues pushing forward with much resistance from Jamm. Ben gets a job with Sweetums, heading their charity foundation, and hires Andy as an assistant. In "Ron and Diane", Millicent reveals she got engaged, to Chris' disappointment.

Jerry retires from the Parks Department but comes back to work a few hours per week. A mystery person rips off Tom's business idea and offers to buy his business off of him. Angry locals, led by Kathryn Pinewood, an employee of the Pawnee Restaurant Association who is in a long rivalry with Leslie, who petition for Leslie to be recalled from office.

Andy goes on a hunt to find out who is pregnant, and it is revealed to be Diane. It was announced in July that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones would leave the series during the fall broadcast program season.

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It is also revealed that Ann is pregnant with Chris' child. Andy takes a temporary job in London. The town of Eagleton goes into bankruptcy and is absorbed by Pawnee, an effort spearheaded by Leslie after she sees no other way to save the town. As the governments merge, several Eagleton staffers briefly join the Pawnee parks department, with only Craig Billy Eichner remaining long-term. Leslie loses the recall vote and returns to the parks department full-time, but remains devoted to assuring the merger is successful.

Tom sells Rent-A-Swag in a cash settlement. Ben is fired from Sweetum's and comes back to work at the local accounting firm, but quits promptly again after Chris tells him that he has been voted in as the next City Manager. April buys Ron's cabin in the woods.

andy and april relationship goals images

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andy and april relationship goals images

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