Alden richards and maine mendoza relationship marketing

Maine Mendoza to Alden Richards: "You will always have my support." |

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship marketing

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza face the Cebu media for their first M: ' Yung relationship po namin is stronger din not just as love team. . ng mga taong 'yon, pinupuntahan talaga 'yon ang mga market ng Juan for All. Alden Richards in one of his regular gym workouts. Alden refuses any double such as when he shot inside a wet market where he slid Jasmine was a standout in Imagine You & Me, Alden and Maine Mendoza's movie filmed in Italy . Movies and music have always had an extremely close relationship. The Kapuso actress Maine Mendoza has finally revealed her real relationship status with her on-screen partner Alden Richards.

The girl beside me was such a huge fan that she kept hitting me unknowingly in her jubilation.

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The EB staff started to crowd the stage blocking the live audience' view. The air was pumped with adrenaline. I worked my way to go nearer, journalist mode. All the studio guards were alert in case some fanatic would dare jump into the set. The EB staff next to me was holding a tape measure set to one foot. But it was not needed; Yaya and Alden shared their first handshake that day. Amidst all the commotion, Baby Baste just wants isaw. I fixed my gaze on Yaya Dub and Alden to see if I can spot them exchanging secret sweet glances and gestures reserved for real lovers.

Maine Mendoza Finally Reveals Real Relationship Status With Alden Richards

They both danced gamely in front of the camera, their rapport was undeniable. They made a few scripted selfies, but managed to mumble a few private words to one another here and there before switching to dub smash again. If they have real romantic feelings, it was hard to tell. But to me, there was something warm with the way they look at one another.

I'd let you judge with these photos: The way Alden looks at Yaya. Marami po kaming malilit na bagay na nalaman about each other. Like si Alden ay sobrang … sobrang cute laughs. Minsan lang din naman kami magkasama, sa workplace so ayun mga simpleng bagay na di ko na i-she-share.

How would you describe AlDub after one year? Ako naman po, aside from stronger, parang AlDub has been a success.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship marketing

Parang it give people a lot of inspiration, it gives us and I something to look forward to everyday. And we are very happy with what we have now. Parang what have we done to deserve this?

Pero since we might have done something good, so kami as we go along, bottom line is we do good things to other people. You have some of the most passionate fans who react right away to issues about you.

Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza Stronger Together

You seem to be dealing with these things in a different way, usually may times na Maine is more vocal compared to Alden, who is more the quiet one. How do you help each other? How do you keep your spirits up amidst all the bashing? Sa aming dalawa, talagang kami lang din pong dalawa ang magsasandalan, sa ganyang bagay. Kung alam kong may mali, sometimes you have to stand up din. Kasi araw-araw kayong magkasama? In My Own Words. I was interviewed po at ti-transcript po ng Summit team.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship marketing

It was presented to me after the interview. Sa dinami-dami mong … M: Everyone wants to know. Kumbaga, what we have now, we try to keep it more private. Ayun nga, what you see is what you get. May kissing scene ba sa movie?

Basta po panoorin niyo na lang ang movie.

alden richards and maine mendoza relationship marketing

After this movie, can we expect a teleserye from the two of you? It will really depend on how the movie will go po. Actually, wala naman po kaming expectations dito. Paglabas nila ay masaya sila, at especially in love sila paglabas nila.

There were new things incorporated based on our contributions. Kaya po sobrang mahal po namin ang project na ito.

Maine Mendoza Finally Reveals Real Relationship Status With Alden Richards

Maine, sabi mo kanina through ups and downs. We are aware of your ups, you have broken records, etc. Kasi everyday the social media in the society is very dominant. Sino ba ang walang Facebook, sino ba ang walang Instagram at Twitter?

So us, having quite a number of followers naman po, we always look into our social media accounts, how our accounts are doing, see comments there ang dami nilang gusto mangyari. Like bakit hindi ganito, bakit hindi ganyan. Sometimes may downside din sa amin as AlDub.

Kasi at the end of the day naman po, people will always have something to say. We are okay with it, kahit ano ang sabihin ninyo sa amin. Your first anniversary is coming up, what can we expect? Wala … aalis po kami.