Alagiri and stalin relationship

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alagiri and stalin relationship

Four days after the drastic action, Karunanidhi justified it, saying he was driven to do so after Alagiri said younger brother M K Stalin would die. The fact that Alagiri is planning to walk into the heart of Chennai to his father's resting place is akin to Alagiri is challenging Stalin on his territory. A 'Toxic' Toxic People, Toxic Relationships, Toxic Politics And Others. Sabha MP Kanimozhi was arrested in connection with 2G spectrum scam. even as Karunanidhi groomed his younger son MK Stalin to take over the “By bringing Kanimozhi into politics, Karunanidhi had to give Alagiri a.

She is married to Venkatesh, an architect. He shot to prominence when the Emergency was declared by Indira Gandhi between andand he vociferously opposed it. Mayor Chittibabu tried shielding Stalin from the blows but passed away after he got beaten up.

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He slowly climbed up the political ladder in the DMK, serving as the Mayor of Chennai between and Inhe was named heir apparent of the DMK, and inhe was appointed as the Working President of the party. He married Durgavathi inand has two children Udhayanidhi and Senthamarai. Earlier this year, in an interview, he made his political ambitions abundantly clear, saying he was all set to enter active politics. He married Kiruthiga some years ago, who runs a lifestyle magazine and has directed one movie.

Son Tamilarasu Karunanidhi Tamilarasu has kept a low profile, and runs a few businesses in Chennai. In the polls, he actively campaigned for his father, but has not expressed any political ambitions otherwise.

His wife is Mohana, and the couple has two children, Arulnidhi and Poonguzhali. His most notable films are Mouna Guru and Demonte Colony.

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Granddaughter Poonguzhali Tamilarasu Daughter of Tamilarasu, Poonguzhali made the news when the Coimbatore Corporation sealed a commercial building that was jointly owned by her in The building that housed a two-wheeler showroom was reportedly sealed as the building was constructed without proper permissions. She campaigned for her father in the polls.

Meet the Karunanidhi clan: The vast family tree of TN's departed leader

The couple has one daughter, Ezhilarasi. The Rajathi Ammal branch During the s, Karunanidhi met Rajathi Ammal during an election campaign and fell in love with her. No father can tolerate such words against a son.

alagiri and stalin relationship

As the party chief, I had to tolerate them," late Karunanidhi had said before he expelled Alagiri and his supporters from the party in Stalin was a clear favourite of Karunanidhi as he consistently worked his way up the DMK ranks, holding party posts since his youth. He was the party's treasurer and youth wing secretary for three decades. Alagiri, on the other hand, stood in the background and it was only inafter DMK's victory in the Tirumangalam bypoll in Madurai, that Alagiri was named the party's south zone organising secretary.

However, the recent remarks of Alagiri may brew fresh trouble for the party who is reeling under the big loss of its leader. Alagiri was also not seen at the Rajaji Hall where Karunanidhi's body was kept for paying last homage.

But some media reports said that he was present there and was sitting behind as he was not well.

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Alagiri is hitting where it is certain to hurt Stalin. Even though Karunanidhi was alive, both the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections were fought in Tamil Nadu under Stalin's leadership. The DMK came a cropper failing to win a single Lok Sabha seat and did not manage to unseat Jayalalithaa two years later.

The polls, therefore, will be Stalin's acid test.

alagiri and stalin relationship

A hat-trick of failures will have the knives out for him. What is significant is that Alagiri has decided to hold his rally on September 5 in Chennai. In the s, Karunanidhi, fed up of the sibling rivalry, divided control of the DMK in Tamil Nadu between the two brothers and sent Alagiri to Madurai to look after the southern part of the state.

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The fact that Alagiri is planning to walk into the heart of Chennai to his father's resting place is akin to sounding the war cry. Alagiri boasts that he will have up to one lakh people walking with him.

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That may be a tall claim, but do not rule out the possibility of anti-DMK parties helping Alagiri to ensure the optics of his challenge is not a washout.

For now, it is unlikely that Alagiri will be able to take away a part of the DMK with him.