Aeris and cloud relationship

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aeris and cloud relationship

Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling .. have been cheerful but naive regarding men, having never been in a relationship . Given the whole Aeris dies aspect. Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack was what led to her liking Cloud to start. Understanding the whole plot, it is clear that Cloud and Tifa love each other. Aerith and Cloud was only a thing because Cloud believed and.

Being one of the millions of people who really felt something when she's killed by Sephiroth, they have the potential to make that moment a million times more tragic. Noticed you posted on a few other threads. Nice to 'see' a new face here that doesn't just absolutely hate everything Final Fantasy, lol.

As for your comments, with all due respect, I completely disagree with you. But to be honest, whether or not it was rushed is all opinion.

To you it was rushed, to me and a lot of others it was very slow burning.

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There's evidence to show that their relationship was very well paced. I would list the examples but, again, it's something that's up to interpretation so there's no point.

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But I can see where you're coming from if players don't have her in their party, but honestly, that's their fault not something to blame on the relationship. It's up to the player to look at the entire content of the game instead of focusing on their favorite characters. The game's "normal" outcome is to have her present in your party so that you, the player, can see all the scenes that Toriyama "dedicated all his efforts" to just to ensure that Aerith was as "appealing and irreplaceable" to the player by the time of her death.

The way he did that was by making Cloud, the player's character, fall in love with her so that by the time she dies her death is ripping gamer's hearts out.

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And I think they succeeded since the reaction from the gaming world was denial and outrage, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history. That's sort of why the commercials that Nomura helped make said Cloud and Aerith were a "story of a love".

Yet despite this, she continues working as the manager of Seventh Heaven without a complaint. It simply states that Tifa took care of Cloud and the kids.

Second of all, so what if Cloud is like a big kid? I'm like a big kid myself. I still watch cartoons, I love action figures and plushies and I love video games and things like that. Feeling motherly toward someone at times doesn't mean you can't love them romantically.

As for the other argument, there are absolutely 0 claims to support Barret is part of the family. I'd like to also point out that the family is in fact Cloud's. Here are a few more quotes to support my claim: She was given custody of Marlene from Barret, who had left on a journey to find a new energy source.

Together with Cloud, the 3 of them began living together as a family. Notice the part I bolded. It specifically states the three of them are a family. Just the three of them. Also from the 10th Anniversary Ultimania: Right there it states that the family is Cloud's.

Not my family, not my friends, nobody. This guide also specifically states who's in the family: When he awakes, there was his friends. There were the children, freed from their fatal illness. Tifa and Marlene, and Denzel asking for Cloud to heal his Geostigma— his family were waiting. Engulfed in celebration, he realises where he is meant to live. He realises that he was able to forgive himself.

aeris and cloud relationship

In order we have 1. Tifa, Marlene and Denzel No mention of Barret or anyone else being in the family. Tifa, Marlene and Denzel are separated from the rest. Now I know some people say that Marlene had to put Cloud in the family herself, but that doesn't mean the family isn't his.

If I suggested you and your SO get married and you guys start a family, is the family not yours then? Also yes Barret is still Marlene's adoptive father and she still calls him Daddy.

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He will always be her adoptive family, but part of Cloud's family he is not. So we have, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel as a family unit. Aerith is portrayed as an independent, outgoing, motherly [8]and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others and is deeply in-tune with nature. Her extrovert personality is a contrast to Tifa's more withdrawn guarded mindset.

In Aerith's later portrayals in Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Kingdoms Hearts her outgoing, playful nature is not as apparent, and instead shows a more prayerful and dreamy demeanor. When she was barely twenty days old, Professor Hojo tracked Gast down, killed him, and captured Ifalna and Aerith. The two became subject to numerous experiments at the hands of Hojo and Shinra as they researched the Cetra. Seven years later, inIfalna and Aerith escaped the Shinra Headquartersbut Ifalna was wounded and only made it as far as the train platform in the slums under Sector 7 before collapsing.

Elmyra Gainsborough was there to wait for her husband's return from the Wutai Warand before passing, Ifalna asked her to keep Aerith safe and so Elmyra brought Aerith home with her. For years, Elmyra raised Aerith alone as her adopted daughter in the slums of Sector 5.

Shinra relocated her, and Tseng of the Turkswho considered Aerith a friend, attempted to persuade her to join Shinra willingly instead of capturing her, but Aerith refused. At the time, the Wutai War ate up most of Shinra's resources, postponing the Neo Midgar project—the project Shinra primarily wanted Aerith for.

aeris and cloud relationship

As Aerith grew up, she continued to hear the Planet, and although she was reluctant to admit it, was aware of her Cetra heritage and tried hard to hide it. Aerith spent time in the Sector 5 Church. Due to the Mako Reactors draining the life out of Midgar and the surrounding areaslittle could grow around the metropolis.

Regardless, Aerith cultivated a flower patch out of the dirt under the church's floorboards. Relationship with Zack I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one I'd like to spend more time with you.

aeris and cloud relationship

When he awakens, Zack mistakes being in heaven and Aerith as an angel, but she corrects him. Zack suggests a date, but Aerith brushes him off. She shows him around, and Zack buys Aerith her trademark pink hair ribbon. Tseng calls Zack back to the Shinra Headquarters, but he promises to see Aerith again. Aerith and Zack continue to keep in contact for the next two years. After Angeal's death, Zack visits Aerith, who holds him as he cries. Angeal's will lingers in the form of a canine copy that settles at the church and defends Aerith from rogue Shinra security robots.

aeris and cloud relationship