4 and a half year relationship marketing

4 and a half year relationship marketing

4. Keep in mind that social media relationships do not replace solid marketing strategy. They amplify it. If you are thinking that a few blog posts. Sixteen years have passed since the relationship marketing concept was first mentioned in the literature of whether the relational approach represents a paradigm shift for marketing Journal of Service Research, 1 (2), O' Harrow. behind relationship marketing into an era where the customer/consumer perspective with more than half the countries' GDP and employment attributed to. Table . It has been a successful club for thirty years or more at the time of writing.

If possible, invite a few guests to an event you're organizing or attending. In this way, everyone benefits. Keep in mind that social media relationships do not replace solid marketing strategy.

If you are thinking that a few blog posts, random status updates, and a healthy number of "followers" and "likes" are going to magically grow your business, don't count on it. Your best course of action is to keep the pipeline flowing. Keep applying for new jobs or find inventive ways to promote your business and keep your options open. In addition, consider publishing a blog to publicly promote your expertise and provide updates on your activities and accomplishments.

Be sure to maintain a strong online presence on relevant social media network sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

4 and a half year relationship marketing

Always remember specific details about your clients. The ones who you know best and who feel most connected to you will talk about you to others. This is how your personal relationships continue to grow.

Developing partnerships with your preferred clients, this goes beyond individual project development. A client that feels assured that you are in it for the long haul, and that you're actively motivated to help him or her succeed will begin to see you as more than just a vendor or supplier.

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You become a partner in their enterprise and you become someone they grow to value now and into the future. Devote a portion of your day towards relationship building, even if it's just 10 to 20 minutes.

4 and a half year relationship marketing

Decide that you will contact two or three clients or prospects every day to develop a healthy list of relationships. If you treat every client as your most important one, happy clients are more likely to make referrals. Provide all clients with your best service, regardless of their stature.

You never know who your clients may know or to whom they might refer you. Just as importantly, should they switch careers, either within their company or move on to a new one, you want to maintain that partnership so they will recommend you to their new associates.

Buffer is a great example, other than the fact that they are transparent with their employee retention rate compared to other startups. If you have experienced and interacted with their customer service team, you can appreciate the amount of work they put into providing support for their customers.

Uber was at the bottom of the list, with a short average employee tenure of just 1. Dropbox, which just had a giant IPO, also struggles to retain talent. The average employee stays for 2. Digital payments company Square fared a little better, with an average tenure of 2. At Facebook, a 2. Airbnb has an average of 2. Netflix has broken the three-year barrier, holding on to employees for an average of 3.

Apple employees typically hang around for 5 years. At Oracle, known for a hard-edged culture, a 7-year tour of duty is normal.

Longer tenure and reducing turnover rates does have an effect on building a great company and products for your customers.

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Obviously, there are a few variables to consider when trying to encourage your current employees to perform, keep them happy, and motivate them to strive for the ongoing maintenance of customer satisfaction. Some of your support team members might feel the need to grow within the business while others might get tired and move on. There are some tools such as employee recognition programs you can adapt. Whether you want to integrate gamification or another rewarding system for your employees, this software definitely makes it a lively experience for your whole team.

Many businesses tend to forget the knowledge acquired by these employees and their contribution to satisfying customers. Retaining current employees can save you more money in the long run.

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Employee recognition software can help retain the longevity of each employee to further increase their knowledge and wisdom and build layers upon layers of success.

Is retaining employees important for your customers? Detailed data about your customers Teaching your support team to use the data learned and implement certain personal interactions such as sending a live chat, personal birthday greetings, referring back to previous inquiries, or following up with feature requests they wanted will greatly benefit both your company and customers.

While some can be done automatically, you have a live support team to create that personal engagement with your customers. You might consider privacy an issue since your customer might run away and go to your competitor. All you have to do is ask and create more engagements with your customers! Who should know more about your customers than those who interact with them every day?

Conducting regular training and update sessions for all members of staff is always a good idea. Create opportunities and break down those barriers within your department to build staff relationships and create ownership to impact the overall customer service experience. Most common issues with customer service Knowing what to say to your customers can be a daunting task, especially if you run a live chat support or even provide fast response times.

Create a checklist with procedures for each sales inquiry or based on specific situational occurrences, as we mentioned earlier. This can teach staff members to learn to handle difficult customer situations easier.

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What about online businesses? Every online business has to deal with features. We all have stories to share there, am I right?

So how do we tackle this unavoidable element of online business that might hinder the ability to create great relationships with your customers? Let your support team show you what your customers are asking for. Finding more ways to be proactive with your feedback Conduct online surveys and invite customer feedback to create transparency opportunities in which you explain your roadmap to your customers; whether your customers becomes your biggest fan or critics, this input helps create personal relationships for current and future customers.

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Asking your customer support team to interact with customers right then and there or how well they helped customers can encourage NPS and customer satisfaction to skyrocket. Your customer service team can help encourage and create those positive moments, generating a better feedback response. Here are a few more things from ChiefMarketer. Support the installation and setup process.

Provide relevant product specifications. Suggest new products or features. Remind customers of important dates and events.